Tickle Tune Typhoon

TickleTickle Tune Typhoon is a musical phonomenon that comes alive with dramatic dance and colorful costumes and characters. This unique group of family entertainment is a blend of original, traditional and ethnic styles of music, bringing children, families and communities together to sing, dance, play and learn through song. Their fun-filled performance invites everyone to enjoy a memorable musical event for the whole family.

Tickle Tune Typhoon invites their audiences to boogie along with giant dancing vegetables or learn a traditional African children’s dance. At a Tickle Tune Typhoon shoe, you can brush your teeth with waltzing tooth fairies or get a hug from the loving Hug Bug. Creative movement and playful participation encourages the young and the young at heart to share in the spirit of music.

Lorraine Bayes and Dennis Westphall are the co-founding directors and lead singer, songwriters of Tickle Tune Typhoon. The Tickle Tune Typhoon recordings have been produced and arranged by Danny Deardorff.