The Three Wisemen

The Three Wisemen

The Three Wisemen¬†They call themselves The Three Wisemen…

In their now famous theme song “We Three Wisemen” they humbly proclaim, “we’re not so wise at all”, and they certainly know this to be true. But what The Three Wisemen are (if not wise) is three very talented musical performers who come together each holiday season for a musically brilliant, laugh packed and spiritually uplifting Christmas concert series.

The Three Wisemen are Timothy James Meaney, Brett Williams and Jon Blackstone. Their concerts are comprised of traditional Christmas songs, along with original material, all performed with acoustic guitars and three-part vocal harmonies. These three men share a common love of music (not to mention a rather twisted sense of humor), which makes for a very fun filled show. While they find it difficult to describe what they do, the press has described them as “Crosby, Stills and Nash meet The Rat Pack”. Besides their work with 3WM, the boys have all enjoyed excruciatingly successful careers as solo performers.

Timothy James Meaney has been involved in music ministry since the late ’80s, and is well known as the most sought after Christian concert performer in the greater Seattle area.

Brett Williams began his career in Christian music in the early ’90s when music industry big wigs from Nashville were fortunate enough to catch Brett and his band In Reach performing a stunning live show before a raving audience at the Hollywood Bowl. Brett and the band were signed on the spot, and soon the whole world was to discover the amazing singing, songwriting talents of this brilliant artist.

Jon Blackstone began his musical adventures by performing with various rock bands throughout the ’80s. In 1990, Jon moved to Nashville to pursue a recording contract. While there, he worked with many of the music industries biggest names including Phil Keaggy and Margaret Becker (with whom he co-wrote the radio hit “Revival”. In 1994, Jon released his long awaited first album titled “Not Dressed For The Occasion” which featured an amazing collection of original songs performed by a dazzling array of Nashville talents (including Nigel Olsson and Dee Murray, both members of The Elton John Band circa 1970-1985).