The Hope

TheThe Hope is Shelby Earl and Katie Freeze, a musical partnership born out of a shared love of melody and words, and a fierce loyalty to the craft of songwriting. From their first collaboration in 1995, Earl and Freeze, and all who heard them, knew they had stumbled upon something special.

The strong melodies and poignant lyrics of The Hope’s piano-based pop-rock songs are brought to life by expressive vocals and rich instrumentation. The duo’s varied musical influences range from pop singer/songwriters such as Rufus Wainwright and Tori Amos, to jazz/theater greats such as Ella Fitzgerald and Sondheim.

In The Deep, The Hope’s debut album, is a collection of 12 songs that share the themes of love, loss and searching. Recorded with producer Martin Feveyear (Crooked Fingers, Slender Means, The Divorce, Rosie Thomas), In The Deep features a talented group of studio musicians including Mark Pickerel of Screaming Trees. In The Deep is an album of exceptional and extraordinary beauty.