Late Tuesday

LateThey don’t look the part, but Late Tuesday might terrify you.

Terrify you, that is, if you have a weakness for artists who set irony aside and risk the direct beauty of simplicity. If you tremble at melodies that are as necessary as breathing or shake at harmonies that hover somewhere between advancing thunderheads and your first taste of red wine, this band may scare you. And if one of your phobias is a courageous, gut-level pop song, you’re surely done for—in a good way.

Indeed, as Late Tuesday fans have known for years, these three young ladies produce shockingly beautiful music that disarms and draws in listeners even before the first chorus hits and sets the hook. Drawing on a range of influences, their style runs the gamut from percussive piano syncopations to shimmering acoustic lullabies and uptempo tube-driven singalongs, all mingled through with their own distinct and original interpretation of the classic vocal trio.

Formed in 2000, Late Tuesday is Dana Little (vocals, piano, rhodes), Tara Ward (vocals, rhodes, guitar, piano) and Jocelyn Meyer (vocals, electric guitar). Though they often play with a rhythm section to fill out their sound, the essence of the band distills down to the girls, their voices, and their instruments. Sharing songwriting and lead vocals duties, their live shows bring out the personality of each song and bandmember, making every performance engaging and fresh. No doubt this is why they have drawn big crowds to such notable Northwest venues like the Showbox, Triple Door, Mt. Baker Theater, Tractor Tavern, Sweetwater, Hotel Cafe, EMP, UW, WWU, Paradox, the Nighlight, Folklife, and the Crocodile Cafe with 300-500+ at each show.

Late Tuesday has just released their fifth independent album, “Drowning Out Love,” produced by Martin Feveyear (Brandi Carlile, Damien Jurardo, Rosie Thomas). Their most fully realized album to date, this one finds the band exploring new territory on every level. Songs about love dominate the album as it gets lost, avoided, found, and finally redeemed. This is a powerful collection of songs from three very talented writers, each making a strong artistic step forward. “Drowning Out Love” is musically rich, lyrically raw, sonically spacious, and sure to broaden the appeal of these sirens to new, fearless fans everywhere, wherever they may be.