Greg Otterholt

Greg Otterholt

Greg is probably most recognized as the one-armed weatherman that single handedly saved television audiences from getting caught in torrential drizzle or being burned by the surprise appearance of the sun. His message was sometimes celebrated but often despised while forecasting for northwest Washington and Southern BC on KVOS-TV until early 2007. His message these days is receiving a much more positive reaction than the weather report typically does this time of the year.

His performance of “Mary Did You Know” on volume 10 of this series proves just that. Originally released on his Christmas album “Was, and Is, and Is to Come” in 2004, the song quickly become a concert and radio favorite. The album also won acclaim for Greg’s all vocal arrangement of “Carol of the Bells”, and includes a northwest parody of “White (or wet?) Christmas.” It’s a well rounded musical trip through style and time… traveling from R & B to Jazz, and from soul stirring ballads to fun and innovative accappella.

Greg’s warm voice, inspirational outlook, and infectious smile have drawn in television audiences for years, but it’s his story that continues to encourage. He was born without his left arm and was one of the youngest children fit with a prosthetic limb, or “hook.”

Greg was a frequent visitor to Children’s Hospital in Seattle as a child, so doctors could study the progress with his various arms over the years. Those arms invited curious stares as a child, but instead of becoming self conscious, he ended up giving them something more to see.

As an athlete, Greg has been caught by the cameras of Wide World of Sports for ski racing, played at the World Cup Soccer Tournament with the U.S. Amputee exhibition team, and appeared in the pages of Golf Digest after hitting a “one-handed” hole in one. He also became an accomplished singer and musician, sharing the stage with several major artists and recording three solo CD’s. As if that wasn’t enough, Greg also turned his talent into a career in broadcasting. Success behind the camera turned to opportunities in front. This resulted in leading roles as Weatherman, Reporter, and News Anchor.

His career took a major turn in 2007 as the station he worked for eliminated the news and its staff. Greg took that as an opportunity to take his freelance commercial, music, and marketing career full time. During the week he runs Hook & Pan Productions, developing commercial and marketing campaigns for clients. He then puts on his performer hat as a voice-over artist, jingle singer/arranger, and occasional weekend concert entertainer.

Ask Greg about his life story and he’ll tell you it’s less about the accomplishments, and more about the credits. “I’ve been blessed with an incredible family that encourages me and friends who support me just the way God made me. God doesn’t make mistakes, but He does create us incomplete… so we can see that we’re only made complete through Him.”

Being part of this project to support Children’s Hospitals across the northwest brings Greg’s involvement full circle… from patient to supporter. His personal childhood experience at Seattle Children’s Hospital has made his involvement with this project that much more meaningful.

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