Beau Killett

I’ve found my home in Bend, Oregon! I grew up on Maui most of my life. Yeah, it was rough surfing everyday and watching sunsets 365 days a year but hey, somebody had to do it! Many mahalos for your kokua! Feeling landlocked as a teenager, I moved to LA and achieved minimal success as an Actor. I got roles on the Soap Opera Santa Barbara, did a Sprite commercial and starred in a few theatrical plays.

After doing my first solo album I ran into one of the greatest guitarists I’ve ever known, Craig Adams. So why haven’t you heard of him? There’s a lot of incredible talent out there that goes unnoticed. Craig also has some of the best ears in the industry for engineering and mastering, which is where you will most likely be hearing about him. Wait a minute! This is about ME! This is MY BIO! We’ll get back to Craig later. He and I began collaborating and formed a band called Turn To The RighT. We rocked! We made our first album, which was just a raw jaw-dropping ensemble of tunes! (Want to buy one? $10.00 Go to Some of the more memorable venues we played were at the Hard Rock Cafe’s. We had great times, no regrets and continue to collaborate! We are currently working on a song for the NASCAR events and a few Pidgin-English Beach Boy-like tunes for all you Hawaii lovers.

Craig now owns a very successful studio in LA called Winslow Ct. His credits include working with Dave Alvins, Guns N Roses, The Knitters (coming soon!), Jack Tempchin (wrote for Eagles, J. Rivers and Glenn Fry), UK-A and the Neville Brothers to name a few. To inquire about studio time visit:

When in Bend, please stop into Lahaina Galleries (family business) and say Aloha!
Contact Beau at: